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Working hundreds of miles away from the majority of your team is never an easy task. Account Executive Kelsey Francis makes it look simple. After 6 years of hard work and dedication at our Lombard office, Kelsey was promoted to the Orlando branch to coordinate and better assist Rosen Hotels and Resorts.

Kelsey stands out from the crowd due to her impressive leadership abilities, her constant drive to accomplish any goal sent her way and her non-stop positive attitude.

Professional Q&A
Q1: Can you describe your role and major responsibilities at SourceOne?
A: “My role is to make the Expo/Branding look easy. I try to take concerns and logistics off the show manager’s plate so they can think about all the other details for their event. I work to showcase what SourceOne has to offer clients and then work one on one with them securing their business, figuring out solutions, and partnering with the client for their event needs.”

Q2: What do you believe has been your best contribution to SourceOne & how?
A: “Probably my organization and drive. I really try to go through every step of the event, minute by minute of what needs might be and organize it all so we are able to bypass a lot of confusion or chaos onsite.”

Q3: Where do you find inspiration in your job?
A: “I just really want to do a good job. I like people being happy. I like wow-ing people and I want that to be my reputation. I want people to know they don’t have anything to worry about when they work with me. I want them to know that I’ll always over-deliver and they will walk away happy every single time.”

Q4: What do you personally enjoy the most about the event/expo industry?
A: “I like the short-term gratification. I like planning an event from imagination to renderings to real life products. I like seeing the clients have successful shows and knowing that the team was behind it. I like that every day is different. I could be in the office, the show site, on a site visit, etc. It keeps me on my game.”

Q5: Why do you personally think SourceOne is the best in the events industry?
A: “I think it’s because everyone from our show managers to our exhibitors are people to us; they aren’t numbers. They are all clients whose goals we try to understand and work hard to make happen.”

Q6: Describe the most rewarding experience with an employee, attendee, exhibitor or client.
A: “I love hearing “We can’t do the show without you, Kelsey.” I like seeing ideas captivate clients and then see them in real life. I have really enjoyed working from Exhibitor Services Rep to Account Executive. From having a smaller role on shows to now running the same show. It’s been really exciting for me and it’s something that has motivated me continuously. I love that I know exhibitors by name from when I worked with them one on one and now I’m able to help create the show as a whole and see how each role has such a large impact for the overall success of a show.”


Personal Q&A
Q1: If you could wake up tomorrow and be any celebrity, who would you want to be?
A: Jennifer Aniston

Q2: If you had to live in one TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A: The League

Q3: Drink of choice?
A: Cherry Pepsi

Q4: 3 things you can’t live without?
A: Phone, Family, Car

Q5: iPhone or Android?
A: iPhone…duh lol

Q6: Favorite TV Show?
A: Game of Thrones

As you can see, Kelsey’s personality even shines through written words and it’s clear to see why she is August 2016’s Star of the Month.

Congratulations Kelsey!

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