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Trends change and fads fade. Your trade show booth is not impervious to these changes. The latest trends in booth design are associated with numerous industries that are continuously evolving. What once was a great idea is now an eyesore for you, your associates as well as attendees. When that happens, it’s time for a booth overhaul. Here are some simple modifications you can make to your aging booth without blowing your budget.

1. New Furniture

Don’t let dated furniture compromise the appearance of your booth. You can find new furniture at the right price if you shop around. Make sure to check your local department stores as well. There are plenty of retailers that sell affordable furniture, you just need to look.

2. New Flooring

As you know, your exhibit’s carpet gets the most wear and tear over time. It’s necessary to maintain a proper flooring to make a positive impact on attendees. Be sure to choose an appropriate color that fits your booth and brand. Don’t be scared to explore the alternative options in flooring. Engineered flooring and laminates can be added for cheap and will most definitely make a lasting impression.

3. Add Audio

Adding proper audio features to your exhibit will create an enriching environment. With today’s wide variety of Bluetooth speakers, it’s easy to conceal a small speaker within your booth. Most likely someone in your office will have one. Don’t add unnecessary technology costs that are easily accessible for free.

4. New Lighting

Enhancing your booth with lighting can be done easily and with a minimal budget. Think outside the box when shopping for new lighting features. Department and hardware stores sell a variety of light fixtures that are very reasonably priced.

5. Resurfacing/Refinishing

Your booth’s surfaces tend to get scratched, chipped, and cracked over time. These aging materials don’t necessarily need to be replaced. A proper cleaning, filling or resurfacing will save you both time and money.

6. New Digital Practices

Technology is always changing and advancing, and should be kept up-to-date right along with your exhibit. With beacons, video mapping, and live streaming in mind, digitalizing your booth makes it both modern and relevant to anyone that comes across it. Several of these popular digital platforms are free; make sure you utilize these tools.

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