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OwnYourExpoClass is back in session! Welcome to Branding 102.

Now that you know the basics of branding we will teach you how you can take your events to the next level.

Let’s Review

In Branding 101, we talked about the basic branding techniques to incorporate into events. Venue enhancements, custom built structures, and promotional items are all powerful techniques to keep your brand in front of your attendees. So you know what to do, now let’s talk about what you need to take your branding to the next level.

Branding-102-banner-lowerGet Online

While all the aforementioned branding techniques are essential for a visually compelling event, intangible things are what will boost your expo above and beyond. A website representing your event featuring online registration will create and easy, informative, and interactive environment for your prospective attendees and exhibitors before the start of your event. To increase interaction and awareness, webinars will provide answers to questions your exhibitors have about your event and portray your brand in a modern way.

Branding-102-banner-2Get Social

AdobeStock_104633111 While interaction is important prior to your event, it is vital for your attendees to be involved during your show. Creating engagement onsite and online is imperative to tell your brand’s story. A custom made app designed specifically for your event entices attendees, provides a useful resource all incorporating your expo’s message. A complementary tactic to pair with the app and cause event engagement is the use of a live social media wall.

Get Real

The biggest cosmetic advance in technology has been virtual and augmented reality and you can utilize it to create a brand experience at your event. Both AR and VR can be used to display a virtual mockup of a real or prototyped product and visually stimulate your attendees with this innovative technology.

Event-marketing-ImageAs an innovative and adaptive company, SourceOne has access to the technology changing branding in events because we believe it’s changing for the better. We want to provide you with what you need to excel your branding and host a creative and groundbreaking event.

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