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At SourceOne Events, we pride ourselves on having a top quality team who is always ready and willing to take on any challenge they’re handed. With the introduction of our new Star of the Month program, we are able to showcase these individuals and everything they bring to the team. Without them, SourceOne wouldn’t be what it is today.

While there isn’t a weak link on the entire team, choosing our inaugural star was fairly easy. Jose is a man with a truly undeniable work ethic and he’s always the first to lend a helping hand. Aside from his hard work, it’s his positive attitude that truly makes Jose stand out from the crowd. He’s a man who clocks in with a smile on his face and a “good morning” greeting for anybody walking by. Watch our interview with Jose to learn more about him and you’ll be sure to understand why he is our June SourceOne Star of the Month.

Congratulations, Jose!

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