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We’ve all seen them. The staffers with the lack of a smile, shoulders slouched in a poor posture, eyes down or even worse, buried in their phones. Would any of these traits make you feel comfortable approaching this person? If you’re like most people, it’s not likely.

One of the biggest mistakes exhibitors can make at their events is having an unapproachable, withdrawn or unfriendly staffer working your booth. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this issue. Knowing how your staffer can appear more appealing and open is the first step to ensuring your attendees stay focused and engaged with you. Follow these four easy concepts to avoid social barriers at your next event.

1. Show off those pearly whites


When someone has a bright, happy smile on their face, those feelings are likely to rub off onto whoever they are engaging with. When your attendees are feeling happy, they’ll have a positive feeling towards your product. Remember that as a staffer, you are representing the brand. How a customer feels towards you will likely have an impact on how they feel towards your company. Be sure to present a smile that radiates positivity and you’ll have no issue getting the attendee to feel positive towards you.

2. Don’t remain stationed behind your booth


Interacting with your attendees goes much further than just speaking with them. Be sure to get out from behind your booth and take a hands on approach. Not only will you seem more welcoming, but it’ll give you a chance to demonstrate your products and become one with your attendees. It can be as simple as getting out from behind your booth to give a handshake.

3. Engage, but don’t annoy


Ask questions! Speak with your attendees. Get a feel for what they’re at your event for and what their needs are. Let them know why and how your products will work for them. Explain what your brand represents. Just be sure not to overwhelm them. Don’t ask them so many questions that they feel invaded or like you’re trying to make the hard sell. Be friendly, yet informative.

4. Maintain eye contact


Eye contact during conversations is one of the most important and simple things you can do. With the modern age of technology, it’s easy be more focused on your phone than your attendees, but don’t let this happen to you. Maintaining eye contact is a way to not only show that you’re interested in what your attendee has to say, but also that you’re serious about the product you’re selling. Your attendee can gauge your interest and how much you believe in your product through your eye contact.

While there’s a lot to focus on at trade shows, make sure that the attendees stopping by your booth are your number one priority. Show them the attention they deserve and they’ll be sure to reward you back.

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