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Small events can be just as successful as large events. Let’s explore the most trending topics that will attract the most qualified attendees.

As you are planning your event, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. Some questions to help you brainstorm and plan might include who the target audience is, is there going to be seating, the purpose, schedule, the budget, how is the event getting marketed, and the right team working to make it a success.

The event:

There are many different components that can help make a difference for your event. It’s the small details that people are going to remember.

  • Technology: Technology is constantly evolving. The latest technology includes unique displays, apps and virtual reality. A cool piece of technology at events is the video wall. There are so many intriguing, functional phone apps that can connect to your event, as well as engage your attendees. Phone charging stations are popping up everywhere, and something that people truly appreciate.

  • Keynote Speakers: Someone who is well known in the industry or brings important, relevant subject matter to your event. Keynote speakers are impactful. They bring credibility to an event.

  • Food & Beverage: When is someone ever not hungry? Most events will offer food or drink options. With a smaller audience, it’s on the budget to feed the attendees. When planning a food and beverage menu consider offering local items. It’s fun to tap into what’s indigenous to the area.

  • Decor: The best decorations are going to be unique and eye catching. There are many different types of decorations to use and although they are only being used once, they can leave a lasting impression. Many people enjoy a good theme when it comes to decorations. Some decorations that you can use to make an impression include a doorway arch, a decorated staircase, and column wraps and glass clings. A well-executed theme leaves a lasting impression.

  • Swag Bags: Who doesn’t love free stuff? By giving something away at your event, it draws attention. Giveaways are enticing and more people will want the chance to snag that swag! Audience engagement with a giveaway can include a raffle or game. A swag bag is a great way to say “thank you” for coming to the event and promote sponsors.

As mentioned earlier, everyone will remember the small details. These small details for your event can make a big impact. Whether that impact is raising money for a charity or pre-orders for a book or product, you can make small look absolutely amazing!

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