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2018 brought new trends, new ideas and new events. The events industry was very successful and continues to grow. The question is, what will 2019 bring? There were thousands of trade shows and events this year. According to a study by UFI, companies saw an increase in profits of more than 10% in 2018 (Source). 75% of companies expect to add more digital services & products to their 2019 events & exhibits (Source). So what’s in store for 2019?

In order to figure that out, we need to look at what happened this year.


Technology has continued to expand and astonish us all. Especially with the events industry, technology is transforming events. For example, having a social media wall, allows for attendees to engage with the event and see all the buzz going on. Technology is helping in a big way. This year, we saw augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and facial recognition technology. Events became even more digital this year with online registration. What will the next big thing be?


From hotels, to convention centers, to anywhere in between, events can be hosted just about anywhere. With venues this year, we started to see sustainability come into play more. An environment friendly place such as the Colorado Convention Center, is certified by the Green Meeting Industry Council. This year we also saw the Kentucky International Convention center re-open. With the variety of different venues, events aren’t just in one room, but multiple rooms where each room has a purpose. The relaxation lounge has become a popular room to include at venues, allowing attendees to get off their feet. What’s in store for next year? New venues are being developed, such as the Midland Convention Center, and the Las Vegas Convention Center is in the process of expanding.

Marketing Events:

There are endless ways to market an event or trade show. Social media is the easiest way to spread news about an event. With social media, however, there needs to be consistency and each platform needs to be used properly. Video is a great way to announce your event to your audience, as well as share a post-event recap for everyone. Visuals are a great way to show and tell. Depending on the size and type of event, a website might be an option. Websites draw traffic to an event and they are great for registration and sponsorship opportunities. These platforms can be utilized together to make a huge impact.


If there weren’t attendees, there wouldn’t be a need for events. Events have been including more opportunities for engagement such as mobile apps and influential speakers. The increase in technology enables attendees to be more involved. RFID wristbands and customized experiences on event apps give attendees a more personalized experience.

As 2018 brought so much to the trade show and event industry, 2019 stands to bring us even more. From new venues and new shows to new technology and new branding ideas, the trade show industry will continue to grow and bring a lot of excitement with it!

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