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Last year was a big year for the events industry, which leaves 2017 with some high expectations. So what can you do to pump up your events for the year ahead? We’ve got you covered.

Make Virtual Reality a Reality
Women Using VR HeadsetEvents are no longer about putting your message and/or product into your attendee’s heads. It’s about immersing your attendees into your message. For example, if your event aims to raise awareness on global warming, create a virtual experience that brings your attendees to the South Pole where they can experience glaciers melting (virtually) first-hand.
Content is King
Women With Smartphone Hologram PictureThe days of using social media strictly to post event pictures afterwards are over. You’ve got to do more than that to make an impact. Create an event hashtag to use in posts leading up to your event and encourage your attendees to do the same. You should also be using social media to gain momentum and buzz for the big day. Consider running contests for free tickets, packages or giveaways. Also, use social media to induce FOMO (fear of missing out) into your audience. Use videos from previous events, engage with your followers and answer any questions they could have about the event (parking, ticket fees, location, etc.).
Live Stream to the World
Women On Laptop Watching VideoThe world is becoming a more reachable place day after day. Utilize this by allowing potential consumers all over the world to view your events or presentations with the click of a button. Not only will you raise awareness but also you’ll gain trust and create an intimate feeling between your brand and its consumers.
Increase Overall Atmosphere
Adults celebrating with a cheerYour number one goal when it comes to your attendees is to keep them engaged and energized. How else will they be able to take something away from your event? Spice things up with some upbeat music, keep their stomachs filled with simple finger foods and add in some physical activities that allow attendees to walk around and wake their bodies up between sessions. Make sure your event isn’t just informative but FUN!
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