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Empty stickers can be picked up at the SourceOne Exhibitor Service Center or from SourceOne employee on the show floor. Each container that you wish to keep should have an empty sticker with your company name and booth number. SourceOne employees will picked up the containers throughout the move-in days and are stored during the show.
We can help you with a variety of questions regarding your show and the execution of the event. The SourceOne Exhibitor Services Center is also readily available to assist with several different show time concerns like orders, shipments, services, labor, invoice balance, empty stickers, material handling, loading, etc.
You may wish to bring a copy of your order confirmations if you had ordered through our Online Ordering Center and any copies of your media if you had sent it to the SourceOne’s Graphics and Audio Visual departments. Also, please bring copies of all documents stating what you had shipped, how it was shipped and any tracking numbers provided by your carrier. Lastly you may also want to bring any information regarding outbound shipping after the event including your carrier and destination.
If you had placed an order for Carpet through SourceOne Events, it should be in your booth on the first day of move-in. If you do need electrical services, please be sure to make note on the Exhibitor’s Kit form so that we can ensure that the electrical is installed prior to carpet installation. SourceOne Events’ furnishings and Specialty Furniture will arrive according to the show’s schedule. Please review the Exhibitor’s Kit for show scheduling and dates.
When arriving to the show site, you should go to your assigned booth and check that everything you ordered is there. Also be sure to check that all your shipments have arrived. If you ordered electrical services make sure it has been installed and working properly. And, if you ordered carpet from SourceOne Events, make sure it has been installed. If you find anything is missing, please contact SourceOne Events’ Exhibitor Services or stop by the Exhibitor Services Center for assistance. You may also speak with any SourceOne Events employee on the show floor.
Trade Show rental exhibit displays are a good option if you are a first-time exhibitor or only exhibit at a few shows a year. Purchasing exhibit displays become expensive with customizations, so make sure you know you will get the use out of it if you do decide to purchase your own.
Yes, we offer a full inventory of Exhibit Rentals and Custom Exhibits. Rentals are a great option if you attend fewer than three or four shows a year. By renting a display, you don’t have to make a large investment. If you attend more than four shows a year, you are probably better off purchasing your own trade show exhibit display.
The costs of trade show exhibit rentals vary with size and features. Generally, an exhibit rental is about 25 to 30 percent the investment of purchasing the same trade show display.
The best type of display or trade show graphics depends on your company, budget and exhibiting objectives. Whatever you need, we offer a full rental inventory, from exhibit rental, custom portable exhibits, custom modular displays, trade show accessories, such as counters, literature racks, flooring and more. Visit our Department page for all the rental options we offer.
SourceOne has an extensive rental inventory that is available online on our Rental pages. Our inventory has hundreds of items that are all offered for rent. Please visit our Rental pages to view all our products.
This form lets SourceOne Events know to handle all of your outbound shipping services through our preferred carrier.
This form means that you would like SourceOne Events to schedule a carrier to come to your location and pick up materials to ship to our advanced warehouse for the show. When filling this form out, please make sure the requested pickup date and hours of operation are fully completed.
This form lets us know that you have already pre-scheduled a carrier to come pick up your materials from the show floor to ship out after the show is done. This forms means that SourceOne Events is not handling your outbound shipment, another carrier is. This form allows us to release your items to the carrier you have chosen.
This form is not required but if you have any information related to this form it helps us know more about your shipment incase we need to track it or to see if all of your packages arrived properly.
We will need this form for every shipment we will receive for the show, whether that means shipping to the advanced warehouse or if you are allowed to ship directly to show site during exhibitor move-in. This form just tells us what to expect from your company.
You will automatically receive an emailed invoice confirming your order once it is processed. If you have not received this email, contact our Exhibitor Services team immediately.
Shipping is the transportation of your exhibit materials (freight) to the advance warehouse or event venue via a carrier of your choice or through SourceOne. Material handling, often referred to as drayage, is the movement of your freight from the carrier to your booth and then back to the carrier at the close of the show. Freight handling includes: Unloading your materials from your carrier at our warehouse or on show site Storage at our warehouse for up to approximately 30 days prior to move-in and after move-out Delivery of the materials to your booth The handling of empty containers to and from storage Removal of your materials from the booth for reloading onto your outbound carrier at the exhibit site
Literature on display shall be limited to reasonable quantities (one-day supply). Reserved supplies shall be kept in closed containers and stored in a neat and compact manner in a location approved by the Fire Department. All exhibit and display cartons must be stored in an approved drayage area. If show is under 24-hour approved manned security program, automobiles are allowed to retain 1 gallon or less of fuel, and gas caps must be taped. Batteries are to be disconnected and taped.
All decorations, drapes, signs, banners, acoustical materials, cotton, paper, hay straw, moss, split bamboo, plastic cloth and similar materials shall be flame-retardant to the stratification of the Fire Department. Booth identifications banners and signs shall be flame-retardant unless smaller than 1232 square inches (28” x 44”) in separated from other combustibles by a minimum of 12” horizontally and 24” vertically. Oilcloth, tarpaper, nylon, and certain plastics materials cannot be made flame-retardant, and their use is prohibited.
Aisles and exits as designated on approved show plans, shall be kept clean, clear and free of obstacles, Booth construction shall be substantial and fixed in position in specified areas for the duration of the show. Easels, signs, etc. shall not be placed beyond the booth area into aisles. Firefighting equipment shall be provided and maintained in accessible, easily seen locations and may be required to be posted with designating signs.
Booth, platforms and space dividers shall be of materials that are flame-retardant or rendered so, satisfactory to the Fire Department representatives. Covering for counters or tables used within or as a part of the booth shall be flame-retardant. All electrical wiring and apparatus will be of a 3-wire UL type approved.