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1. Social Events

It may be a wedding, a fundraiser, or a birthday party. Social gatherings have been experimenting with new and interesting ways to stand out from the crowd. Look for the New Year to continue this trend with innovative ways to make a social gathering a unique event that will leave guests talking about what they experienced with new backgrounds, giveaways, and themes. People are incorporating both new technology (think Social Media) and old technology (think Photo booths) that provide guests with that “did you hear about” experience.

2. Content Marketing

Educating customers to be better consumers and people will be a strong player when it comes to marketing in 2015. Consumers have become quite savvy at identifying and discarding information aimed solely to get them to buy a product or service. It will become more important than ever to value add to the information you’re trying to get out to your target demographics by providing new information to the puzzle. The challenge in the upcoming year will be to find new ways to get information to customers in ways that challenge the status quo.

3. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology trends will continue their strong momentum in 2015. Companies like GoPro have made advancements in high definition video recording at manageable price points. Consumers with active lifestyles are the target market, but even casual videographers look to share their experiences from their point of view. People want to explore new perspectives, and this company’s lineup of inexpensive cameras with incredible footage looks to make sharing easier and more beautiful than ever.

4. Consumer Searching for Simplicity

Consumers want things fast, inexpensive, and simple. It will be more important than ever before to hone your message and establish your name. The Internet is a vast place, and it gets more cluttered everyday. Be sure to establish your presence on the web in a clear and concise manner.

5. Mobile Event Guide Apps

Making the transition from printed event guides to mobile apps is revolutionizing the event industry. A majority of consumers have integrated smart phones into their lives, and reaching out to them through their devices is now the cost of doing business. Events that focus on building one app that is easily distributed electronically to all of the participants is a phenomenal way to cut the cost of printing guides, enables updating and editing content on the fly, and demonstrates a commitment to being good to the environment. It’s the new standard.

6. Mobile Charging & Ad Stations

The only thing that might surpass how much people love their mobile devices is how often people use their mobile devices. That means while they’re out and about at different events, there is a very real need to get a quick charge to get through a day of photo taking, texting, and getting around with GPS. Capitalize on this need in the event marketplace by providing a much needed energy boost, and get your name out there in the minds of consumers. Your company may save someone’s day!

7. Interactive Media Walls

These massive pieces of technology look to have struck a chord with consumers. Popularized in airports, the interactive media wall is a great way to deliver information on a big, beautiful display, and then engage them even further with their physical interaction. Place them in high traffic areas, and watch as people interact with the wall while others gather around to watch.

8. Hand Sanitizer Ad Stations

Consumers continue to become more health conscious, and part of that trend includes preventing the spread of germs. The world can be a dirty place with a lot of germs and bacteria, coughing and sneezing, and then hand shaking. Consumers are grateful for convenient ways to cut down on the spread of harmful bacteria, and they’ll definitely notice the investment you’ll make in their health. Add a personalized message to remind them how much you care.

9. Integrated Event Technology

Perhaps the most important trend in events today is integrated event technology. Apps designed for events with interactive elements will rule the day when it comes to engaging with and understanding customers. These apps can use the geolocation of the attendee to provide additional information about a booth, which is a value add for the attendee. It will also provide real time information to the host about what booths are most popular, what flow is happening at the event, and a plethora of other useful information. Knowledge is power, and obtaining real time data is the key to that world.

10. Minimalistic but Futuristic Designs

The overwrought design days are over for now. Keeping things sleek and simplistic, while integrating technology in an aesthetically pleasing way, is in for now. Of course, fashion is cyclical, and design tastes don’t fall too far off those curves. This era personifies the “less is more” mentality, when we have absolutely so much noise approaching us from seemingly every corner of the earth. Minimalist designs that look to incorporate technology have a quiet confidence that say a lot more about who you are and what you represent.

11. Party Decor

People know a fun party when they’re at one, but it may be difficult to nail down the elements of a great one when it’s up to you to plan. Music, food, and decor are three key elements. When it comes to decor, be sure to visually remind your guests who to thank for the party without thumping them over the head. Be clever and creative implementing your company’s logo into the overall ambience of the event. Consulting with party planners to incorporate the necessary elements in a tasteful way will be worth the cost.

12. Data Analytics

Technology has been developing at an incredible rate. We live in a time where a wealth of information about consumer preferences, purchasing habits, demographics, and so much more is readily available. In most cases, consumers willingly provide this information in exchange for the most basic of giveaways. Savvy businesses in the New Year will look to capitalize on this wealth of information to better provide solutions that fit the exact desires of their target demographics. The information to turn the corner is out there, and it’s just a matter of harnessing it.

13. Personalization

It’s an age-old struggle for human beings — the individual vs. society. People today appreciate opportunities where they can prove that they are unique individuals, and they will flat our reject being herded into the greater constructs of the group. Event planners must take into account how important it is to personalize the experience for the individuals that make up a large list of attendees at an event. Small things like including an attendee’s first and last name on a gift or small thank you note may go a long way to making the event a special experience.

14. Gamification

Attention spans are short, and there is a lot of stimuli competing for that limited time and resources. Incorporating games into the mix keeps your consumers engaged and hungry for more. Americans love competition and sharing with family and friends, so engaging this part of your consumers will only benefit your customer engagement with your material. Foster these natural tendencies in your customers and your business will stand to benefit as a result.

15. Empathetic Environments

Empathy stands at the core of relationships, whether that is person-to-person, business-to-person, or business-to-business. People desire to be understood. The better you can understand what a customer or what an employee or a business partner might feel like in a given situation will help your relationships. Foster an environment where you truly listen to what someone else has to say. Hear their perspective, then put yourself in that person’s position and see how you might feel. Respond accordingly, and watch your relationships prosper.

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