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We could sit here and explain the countless benefits of networking, but you know that would be a waste of time. In this day and age, everybody understands the importance of networking. However, the best time to network may not be exactly what you’re expecting. After-event cocktail parties are quickly becoming the newest event networking trend and for good reason.

1. Improved Your Reputation
You have two choices after an event. You can sit in your hotel room, order some room service, and relax by yourself. Or you can head to the after-hours event, grab a drink, and have some fun. By making the choice to attend the after-hours event, you’re making a choice for your brand. Your reputation will become someone who is always there and someone who engages with others. Your brand will then be seen as a dependable difference maker.

2.Relaxed & Easygoing Atmosphere
There’s a certain ambience that comes with events. You have to be ultra-professional at all times and always stick to the job you came to do. An after-hours event allows you to loosen your tie and gives you the freedom to relax. This stress-free environment also allows you the freedom to spend more time conversing with who you want to instead of feeling forced to “make the rounds.”

3. Enjoy The Conversation
Just because you’re in a comfortable and laid-back environment doesn’t mean you can’t be learning. In fact, being relaxed allows you to open up your mind and think in ways you may not be able to think when you’re too focused on the job at hand. Not only will you have a more open mind but you’ll have more people to collaborate on thoughts with, people who all come from different worlds, different backgrounds, and different experiences. This allows your creative juices to start flowing and innovation to truly begin.

Remember, the event does not stop after the expo closes. Be sure to take advantage of all the networking opportunities the event offers so that you can optimize your brand’s exposure.

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