Sponsorship Tools

Users: Exhibitors & Managers


Manage and control your sponsorship opportunities with ease. Our sponsorship tools allow you to collaborate with your sponsors to streamline the sponsorship process.

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Users: Managers & Organizers


You can browse our hundreds of rentals, create your own entrance unit and choose specific services all from the same place. Designing your event has never been so easy!

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Online Ordering

Users: Exhibitors & Managers


Our online ordering website makes for a seamless shopping experience for your exhibitors. This platform also acts as the main hub for your exhibitors by providing important event info, due dates and order history.

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Show Management

Users: Managers & Organizers


Case and task tracking with exception management. Define shows, booths and offerings in one simple interface. This tool makes it easy for show organizers to manage every element of their show from beginning to end.

Collaboration Tools

Users: Exhibitors, Organizers & Managers


The best way for us to collaborate as a team. Visualize every step of the production process. Real-time visibility to maintain current projects and the status of their development.

Reporting & Metrics

Users: Managers & Organizers


Track and manage your event’s expectations. This tool allows you to view your show’s performance in real-time with a quantitative approach.

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