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When I first started in this industry almost twenty something years ago, I was fascinated by how we could transform a bare, empty hall into a variety of environments. Basically anything the client desired. If the client wanted a beach, we provided a place to relax in the sand with the ability to dip your toes. If they asked for a winter wonderland we played mother nature and made it snow.

These early transformations manufactured my outlook on what a trade show could become. It was more than constructing a grid of square spaces on a floor and more of making it an experience for the ones who would attend. I still hold this philosophy near to my heart and try to make my clients aspirations a reality. When Amazon approached us asking for a networking lounge, we harnessed that cloud based concept and turned this space into an area that felt like you were actually high in the sky. Floating in the clouds.

I truly love what I do. I love seeing the look on a clients face when we take their request and take their desires to another level. When people ask me what I do for a living my natural instinct is to say, “I’m in sales, trade shows”. But I honestly don’t feel like that is what I do. My excitement comes from meeting new people and developing long lasting relationships where I can be myself around them. Giving them solace in the fact that their event will run successfully.

Excellent in problem solving! “No Problems, Only Solutions” is his trade show philosophy. And as always…works well with others!
Robert Malanowski, Union Carpenter Steward /Trade Show Installation & dismantle
I have worked with Ray on several trade show events. Ray is customer focused, detailed oriented, and a professional who pays close attention to detail, which is crucial to our industry. Ray is a contact that I can rely on.
Eddie Mathews, Senior Event Manager

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